Table expects the United Nations Rapporteur to report on the absence of justice in Bolivia

Table expects the United Nations Rapporteur to report on the absence of justice in Bolivia

The United Nations Rapporteur, Diego García-Sayán, listened to the arguments made by the former president, Carlos Mesa, in the virtual meeting they held this Friday afternoon. The former president hope that the evidence they presented he and other sectors are taken into account for the final report which should be ready in June this year.

“We hope that the United Nations rapporteur, with the elements of judgment that he is collecting, can express, from the United Nations, that regardless of political issues or partisan issues, it is very difficult to say that in Bolivia there is an independent justiceif the report includes the reality that has been evidenced, we believe that cannot say anything else that there is no judicial independence in Bolivia”, Mesa said at the conclusion of that meeting.

The also president of the Citizen Community (CC) alliance held a meeting with the international delegate to whom he presented a summary report of the political interference in all judicial areas. Mesa said they delivered a voluminous 350-page document and a 30-page summary that he hopes will be taken into account by the Rapporteur.

“But apart from the evidence, We remind you of the case of former president Jeanine Áñez and in particular how ‘justice’ has treated a serial rapist, femicides, the murderer of Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, marking the shameless obsequiousness and shameless interference of political power in the judiciary. The Rapporteur has listened to us very carefully and has asked us pertinent questions”, he told Unitel.

García-Sayán, according to the official agenda, this Saturday and Sunday will have a break, however, in the agenda of meetings with social organizations, there will be activity until noon on Saturday. Both official and opposition members are presenting their observations on the application of justice in the country. All this takes place in a context of informative maelstrom Regarding the former president, Jeanine Áñez, the scandal of the judges who released those sentenced to 30 years and political accusations.

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