System 911 delivers 33 new ambulances to the SNS to strengthen emergencies

Santo Domingo. -The National Emergency and Security Care System 9-1-1 delivered this Tuesday 33 new fully equipped ambulances to the National Health Service (SNS), through the Out-of-Hospital Emergency Services Directorate.

The act was led by the Minister of the Presidency and President of the National Council of the 9-1-1 System, Joel Santos; with the presence of the director of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Services of the SNS, retired Major General, Juan Manuel Méndez; the executive director of the 9-1-1 System, Colonel Randolfo Rijo Gómez; the deputy director of 9-1-1, lieutenant colonel, Harold Jiménez Polanco, the deputy director of Emergency Services, Dr. Pablo Mateo, and Dr. Jhoan Martínez, in charge of pre-hospital management of the SNS.

Minister Santos highlighted that “the institution reached the milestone of supporting the SNS with a fleet made up of 120 modern ambulance units, in various acts carried out during the year 2022, due to its status as an integrated response agency to 9-1-1 ».

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“This specialized vehicle fleet was acquired and equipped to reinforce the pre-hospital assistance provided to all Dominicans and residents in the 25 provinces of the country where this free public service is present,” he said.

While Rijo Gómez highlighted the entity’s commitment to the systematic strengthening of the quality of the service offered, emphasizing that “we assume the interest of the Dominican Government to give priority to the health of the population, in order to guarantee a better quality of life. This is why we significantly support the SNS, being one of the main response institutions that make up 9-1-1”.

The director of Out-of-Hospital Emergency Services of the SNS, retired Major General, Juan Manuel Méndez (cd), symbolically receives the keys

“In this sense, the vehicle fleet delivered today has advanced technology created by the human talent of 9-1-1, such as the new “Unit Selector” that consists of an automated system that will allow our dispatchers to identify and recommend the units that they will be able to reach emergencies in the shortest time possible, considering their location, the flow of traffic and the time to go to the reported situation; In addition, the ambulances will be equipped with an installed tablet designed to run the “Fast Route” application, to direct the driver through the most expeditious route, considering, in real time, the traffic status in the event area,” he stressed. Rio Gomez.

On his side, Méndez received the new fleet and thanked the effort of the 9-1-1 System, committing himself to «allocate these units to the renewal and reinforcement of vehicles; as well as the constant improvement of the quality of the service provided to users who require assistance in their critical health situations».

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