Lima insists on economic measures for the coast

The mayor of Salto, Andrés Lima, published a message on his Twitter account where he insisted again on asking the national government to take economic measures for the coastal region.

“We raise again the need for border policies for the coast with Argentina. The shops are getting more and more complicated,” the mayor wrote in the message that accompanied a video.

Previously, Lima pointed out that the price difference with respect to the Argentine side of the border complicates the operation of national businesses. According to his estimates, between beautiful unionJump, Fray Bentos and Paysandú there are 60 thousand jobs affected, as well as another 20 thousand in Salto.

“The president has not responded yet,” said the mayor in the video. “What we propose once again – and we will continue to do so – is that 60,000 Uruguayan jobs are at stake; thousands and thousands of merchants who see their sales fall day by day. We have workers linked to commerce who are already on unemployment insurance », he said.

“We have workers who lost their source of work. That is purely and exclusively the responsibility of the fact that there are no border policies and that the national government is not willing to sit down to dialogue with the regional governments to develop these policies”, she sentenced.

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