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“Sweetheart, I’m going to take off”: Last words of Julián, a Valle del Cauca pilot who died in a plane crash in Medellín

He and his girlfriend planned to take a trip in 2023 to see the snow. “We were crazy to meet her and we had a plan to go to New York,” the pilot couple said.

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“Sweetheart, I’m going to take off”, with those words the Valle del Cauca pilot Julián Andrés Aladino Valencia said goodbye to his wife when the plane he was piloting crashed into a house in Medellín.

Aladino was a commercial pilot who was accompanied by Sergio Guevara, also from Valle del Cauca, a co-pilot who lost his life along with the other occupants of the aircraft.

“I thank God and the universe for everything beautiful that he has given me. Aware that every day is a new opportunity to live, ”she wrote on his Facebook account.

Yaila Hernández, the pilot’s wife, commented on her last messages with the pilot.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to take off": Last words of Julián, a Valle del Cauca pilot who died in a plane crash in Medellín

He said he was on a breakfast break at work and took the opportunity to talk to him.

“Everything was fine. She told me: ‘Sweetheart, I’m going to take off, I’m going to Pizarro,’ ”she recounted moved, in conversation with ‘Noticentro 1 CM &’.

“The last thing I wrote to him was a message at 10:04 am. I said, ‘God bless you.’ He had told me that he was going to take off at 10:03 am,” he added.

That was the last thing they said to each other, as the pilot read the message and flew until the tragedy occurred over the Rosales neighborhood in the capital of Antioquia. Minutes later, at 10:50 am, she found out about the fateful accident.

He stated that they had a relationship three years ago and that they were getting ready for a trip in January 2023 to fulfill one of the dreams they had as a couple.

“We wanted to know the snow. We were crazy to meet her and we had the plan to go to New York.

Now, she has a space with candles to remember him along with a letter he had written to congratulate her on her birthday.

Two Valle del Cauca pilots died in the plane crash in Belén Rosales, in Medellín

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