SUTEL rejects Lacalle’s lack of knowledge about fiber optics and lack of respect for workers


The Single Telecommunications Union (SUTEL) issued a statement referring to the expressions of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, who criticized the Frente Amplio governments for bringing fiber optics only to Pocitos and Punta del Este.

In response to Lacalle’s statements, the telecommunications union stated that the president demonstrated a “clear ignorance and lack of respect for ANTEL workers, by stating that in the previous period ANTEL only reached Pocitos, Malvín, Buceo with fiber optics. and Punta Gorda.

In this sense, ANTEL workers organized in SUTEL clarify that “the deployment of fiber optics began in 2011 and was developed throughout Montevideo, thus reaching all neighborhoods.”

“This can only be verified by consulting ANTEL and/or the Communication Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC),” said the telecommunications union.

SUTEL recalls that the Universal Homes plan was also deployed, whose objective was to reach all homes with internet and that both in Nuevo Paris and Malvin had the same internet quality so that everyone could connect.

“As part of this strategy, ANTEL workers were the main protagonists, sharing the task with our brothers from the Single Construction Union (SUNCA), since this investment allowed thousands of workers to acquire quality work,” says SUTEL.

be well informed

Likewise, the union considers that Lacalle “before speaking and giving his opinion in the media, which he has at his total and absolute disposal, he will be well informed.”

“We workers deserve respect since, in the face of the health crisis, we maintained ANTEL services so that Uruguayans could be in communication. Today ANTEL is continuing with the laying of the fiber in what we call the ‘last mile’, an issue that is very good, despite the fact that the question remains as to whether it is to continue with the development of ANTEL or to give it to the multinationals”, states the union.

denounce everything that has been done

For his part, the president of SUTEL, Gabriel Molina, said that “what is missing, ANTEL is doing now.”

He added that it is the line of the current government to revile everything that was done in public companies, of which the workers are a fundamental part.

Molina said throughout the world, ANTEL is admired for the development of an important technology such as fiber optics. “Uruguay is above the United States and Japan in terms of connectivity.”

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