Suspensions postponed for absent deputies

Suspensions postponed for absent deputies

The Chamber of Deputies held an extraordinary session on Tuesday afternoon. The objective was for legislators to catch up on some projects related to real estate transfers from municipalities to State entities.

Kattya González, national deputy for the Encuentro Nacional party (PEN), took the opportunity to present a draft resolution that modifies the internal regulations of the Chamber of Deputies.

This is the “Project Resolution, »which modifies article 20 of the Regulations of the Honorable Chamber of Deputies”. The articles to be modified are 18 and 20.

As for the first article, it sought that deputies who are absent three times in a row or five alternately, within a year, be sanctioned with suspensions without pay for 60 days. At the same time, they must be replaced by a substitute for the duration of the sanction.

While article 20 establishes that the reasons for the absence may only be due to legislative work or health problems.

“It is a project that actually arises as a concern in the context of the absences that occur. It prevented the Chamber of Deputies from being able to function normally during all this time,” said Kattya González, designer of the initiative.

However, during the debate, the legislators decided to postpone the treatment sine die (without a certain time).

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