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Suspect in New York subway shooting arrested

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The alleged perpetrator of yesterday’s shooting at a New York subway station, identified as Frank James, was arrested shortly after noon on Wednesday, according to police sources cited by the network. CNN and other media.

According to the chain, this 63-year-old black man was arrested in the East Village neighborhood, south of Manhattan, by two agents, after a passerby noticed him on the street, photographed him and posted the image on Twitter, although the police have not yet revealed the details.

The newspaper new york post He even published images of the moment of the arrest, in which the man is seen being put into a police vehicle without offering any resistance.

Police offered a $50,000 reward to anyone who helped arrest James, who had been on the run for more than 24 hours. Although the image of him was spread by all media since yesterday afternoon.

James is accused of being the sole perpetrator of the shooting that yesterday left ten people wounded by gunshots in addition to several intoxicated in a New York subway car, which he entered throwing two canisters of smoke before starting to shoot, apparently indiscriminately.

Gunshot wounds and intoxicated

Ten people were left with gunshot wounds and several more intoxicated or bruised.

Apparently, and according to various media reports today, James has some kind of mental illness for which he was admitted to specialized medical centers, an experience that he later described as “terrifying.”

He was also the owner of a YouTube account where he posted a profuse number of messages of violent content. In them he mixed racial resentment, conspiracy theories and a fixation on Mayor Eric Adams, which explains why yesterday the police reinforced the mayor’s security, he is currently confined to his home for contracting the covid-19 virus.

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