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Supertransport opened investigations to 11 weigh stations

Supertransport opened investigations to 11 weigh stations

After reviewing several weigh stations in the country, the Superintendence of Transportation opened 11 administrative investigations to concessionaires and operators, since based on the evidence collected such as weigh tickets and other documentation, found inconsistencies in the control of the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of cargo vehicles.

(Supertransport opened investigations into two cargo companies).

As reported by the entity, those investigated would not be taking into account the tables authorized by the Ministry of Transport and also registered in the Runt.

According to Transportation Superintendent Wilmer Salazar, “In inspections of weigh stations, the Delegation of Concessions and Infrastructure supervises that the Gross Vehicle Weights authorized by the Government are complied with, since, if values ​​other than the maximum weight allowed are established, not only the regulations are broken, but also the state of the infrastructure, road safety or the legitimate rights of users can be compromised”.

(They open statement of charges against two people for creating an alternate ‘toll’).

The PBV is defined by the Ministry of Transport and, in addition, is registered with the RUNT, therefore, the fact that, presumably, those investigated do not update the software corresponding to the maximum weights allowed for cargo vehicles, “It would show a breach of the regulations related to this service, affecting the safety, quality, continuity, free access, opportunity and efficiency in the transportation system”, warned the Superintendency in a statement.

Concessions and operators investigated

1. Highway Neiva Girardot SAS

two. Helios Road Consortium

3. Concession San Rafael S.A.

Four. Alto Magdalena SAS

5. Pacific Concession 3

6. RQS-Eastland Consortium

7. RQS-Geneva South Consortium

8. Via 40 Express SAS

9. BTS Dealership SAS

10. Savannah of the West SAS

eleven. Ruta al Mar SAS Concession

If found responsible, both concessionaires and operators could be sanctioned with fines of up to 700 current legal minimum wages.


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