Sunafil: Employers who fail to comply with salary payments will receive fines of up to S / 120,000

Sunafil: Employers who fail to comply with salary payments will receive fines of up to S / 120,000

The National Superintendence of Labor Inspection (Sunafil) maintained that employers must comply with the timely payment of wages to their workers and if they do not do so, they could be fined up to S / 120,152, as it is a serious infraction.

He indicated that the amount may vary depending on the size of the company and the number of workers affected.

He said that last weekend, in the district of Surquillo, a crane operator decided to hang from it. The reason was that the company where he works did not comply with the payment of his remuneration.

“As soon as this fact was made known through social networks, Sunafil took the case ex officio and opened an investigation of the Perumaq Corporation company, his employer, and contacted the worker,” he mentioned.

Within a period of 30 business days, the control will determine the breaches in the social and labor rights of the operator, as well as those of his other colleagues.

Payments to civil construction workers

Sunafil specified that the remunerations in this regime are received on a daily basis (per day), depending on whether they are workers, officers or laborers.

These amounts are increased over time through collective agreements in the civil construction branch, which are signed between the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco) and the Federation of Construction Workers of Peru (FTCCP).”, he explained.

He pointed out that the current basic wages are S/ 74.30 for an operator, S/ 58.45 for an officer and S/ 52.50 for a laborer.

Where to report?

Workers who detect that their employer is not complying with the timely payment of their wages or other labor rights can file their complaints at the Sunafil regional offices or file virtual complaints by entering .

Once inside the institutional portal, you must locate the ‘Report labor breaches of a private company’ tab. If you wish to make inquiries, you can call 01-3902800 (option 1) or toll-free 0800-16872.


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