Summer 2023: the favorite vacation spots in Maldonado, according to user preferences

Summer 2023: the favorite vacation spots in Maldonado, according to user preferences

maldonado —one of the flagship departments of the summer vacation in Uruguay— is the one that concentrates the largest number of property offers to be rented during the summer of 2023.

In fact, in recent months the demand for temporary rentals on the coast has increased at a rate of close to 40% per month.

“Maldonado is the department outside of Montevideo with major real estate development of the country, in addition to being an investment destination in this area, and that is why there is a much greater offer than the demand for temporary rentals”, indicated the manager of the Real Estate section of Mercado Libre for Uruguay and Argentina, Pablo Brener, in exchange with Coffee & Business.

“Punta del Este is the city where this situation occurs the most, with about 70% of the department’s offer but only 33% of the demandBrenner added. “And the other towns where there is a greater proportion of supply to demand (always comparing to the total of the department) are all satellites of that resort such as La Barra, Manantiales, San Rafael or Pinares,” he explained.

Likewise, the coordinator of Casas del Este —portal managed by InfoCasas—, Oscar Lanzaro, said that the department of Maldonado takes 64.5% of the total offer of properties available on that platform.

So I remain the ranking of the 20 most demanded locations in Maldonadoaccording to the behavior that the real estate section of Mercado Libre has been registering:

Position Location
1 east point
two piriapolis
3 Beautiful beach
4 San Francisco
5 green beach
6 pine forests
7 black tip
8 The bar
9 Beautiful view
10 maldonado
eleven red tip
12 Whale Point
13 Big beach
14 The Flowers Spa
fifteen Solis
16 springs
17 Buenos Aires Spa
18 portezuelo
19 Jose Ignacio
twenty Santa Monica

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