Parallel dollar is once again close to 18 bolivars this #15Dec

Parallel dollar is once again close to 18 bolivars this #15Dec

This new increase in the parallel dollar, registered at the close of this Wednesday, December 14, represents an increase of 3.34%. Also the price of the Central Bank of Venezuela increased by 3.19% after reaching the value of 15.23 bolivars per dollar

The parallel dollar closed at 17.99 bolivars on Wednesday, December 14, according to the Instagram account In Parallel Venezuela. It means that the currency increased by 3.34%. Also the price of Central bank of Venezuela (BCV) registered an increase of 3.19% after reaching the value of 15.23 bolivars per dollar.

The BCV maintained the price of the currency at 14.76 bolivars for 24 hours.

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Since last Wednesday, December 7, the parallel dollar has increased vertiginously: on Friday, in just 24 hours, the currency increased its price by 12.7%, raising its price by 2 bolivars from Bs 16, 20 to Bs 18.26. Last Saturday, December 10, President Nicolás Maduro reported that he ordered to take “measures” against the “criminal dollar attack”. Almost a week later, it is still not known what the measures are or will be.

The new rise of the dollar this Thursday, December 15, means that today the minimum wage is located at 7.22 dollars, calculated at the parallel rate; while the BCV price places it at 8.53 dollars. When Nicolás Maduro announced in March the only salary and pension increase of 2022, the amount of 130 bolivars was equivalent to 30 dollars.

On the night of this Thursday, December 15, at 7:00 p.m., the journalist Ahiana Figueroaspecialized in the Economics font, will be on the program Cocuyo Claro and Raspaowhich is transmitted through the social networks of firewood effect Y SuchWhich; talking about the rise of the dollar, its causes and consequences in the Venezuelan economy.

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