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Sucre teachers union rejects application of “mosaic schedules” in schools

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Gregory Quijano, president of Sinvema, said that the proposed schedule for two days a week is nothing more than a justification from the Ministry of Education for the insufficient salary received by teachers

Cecilia Larez | Time

The president of the Sucre-Cumana Venezuelan Teachers Union (Sinvema), Gregory Quijano, categorically rejected the application of the so-called “mosaic schedules” in schools, proposed by the Educational Zone.

He said that the proposed two-day-a-week schedule is nothing more than a justification for the employer in the face of insufficient wages received by workers in the sector.

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He pointed out that after 67 days of protest in the Sucre state and in the rest of Venezuela, in the “mosaic schedules” there is a justification from the employer State, that the workers are not earning what they should for their work, “they do not earn for work five days What you pay is enough to work two days a week. That is, eight days a month.

In this sense, the unionist said that teachers are poorly paid, but instead of resolving the issue of salary, the authorities attack parents and representatives and teachers, alleging that the school year is going to be lost.

“At no time do they say that it is their responsibility, according to article 91 of the National Constitution, to respond in terms of salary, with a decent salary to cover the basic needs of the worker and his family.”

The union’s position is that you must work five days, as required by law, but having a decent salary that justifies the labor benefits in the education sector.

Quijano added that, on the one hand, they are pressing the issue of the loss of the school year, but on the other, they are not talking about incorporating the concepts confiscated by Onapre for a year.

“We do not endorse the mosaic schedules and we want there to be a normal schedule for academic activities, in the sense and in consideration of a decent payment and the cancellation of all debts.”

He added that the workers are contributing with their taxes and salaries to increases in all public services, such as transportation, decreed without a salary increase, reducing the purchasing power and quality of life of workers.

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