Costas highlights the good footing of the Bolivian player, but says that the mentality must change

Costas highlights the good footing of the Bolivian player, but says that the mentality must change

March 18, 2023, 9:41 PM

March 18, 2023, 9:41 PM

The technical director, Gustavo Costas, highlighted the good footing of the national footballer and at the same time pointed out that physique and mentality are the main weaknesses, that prevent the clubs and the national team from competing on an equal footing with their counterparts on the continent. The Argentine took charge of the Green in November last year.

“Physical condition is essential in football. Messi at 35 years old had to start running like a kid, 22 or 23. And we in the physical is what we have to put more emphasis onbecause in Bolivia there is a good footing”he stated to the RDC Deportes portal.

Costas added that another aspect, which must be change in the national footballer is the mentality. “You have to tell them, come on, that they respect us. Let (the rivals) know that they are going to play with a team that is annoying, that plays and that is going to try to win. We have to change those things and talk a lot with the boys to change that mentality”, he assured.

He gave as an example the good training that Miguel Terceros receives in Santos of Brazil; However, he said that it is not ideal, because the Bolivian player has to be trained in the country, and then just come out as “all the great players.”

“Bolivia should think about the future, educate and not say, how good it went to Brazil and this other one to Argentina, Columbia or Europe. The Bolivian player also has to do it here ”, he emphasized.

The national coach will travel this Sunday to Saudi Arabia where Bolivia will play two friendlies. The first against Uzbekistan on March 24 and four days later against the local team. Both matches will be played on Saudi territory.

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