Successful vaccination day for port workers

Terminal Cuenca del Plata hand in hand with the multinational Katoen Natie and the Spanish Associationheld an important flu vaccination day at the port of Montevideo over the weekend.

As has been going on for six years, the Belgian company Katoen Natie, which owns 80% of the Cuenca del Plata Terminal, is developing a health surveillance program.

The same is carried out together with the Spanish Association, it carried out a day of vaccination against the flu for its workers. Mónica Acosta, Manager of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment at TCP Katoen Natie, noted that the health surveillance program is a dynamic tool. It is fed by the risk assessments made by both the preventionist technician and the occupational doctor. Allowing to generate the conditions so that the worker does not suffer the consequences of the effects of the environment.

“If these risks are not anticipated and measures are not taken in time, they can lead to problems over time.” Acosta indicated. This is the case, for example, of hearing problems, which is why they carry out noise measurements and audiometry in the workplace.

Vaccination to protect workers

As a way to protect its workers, Katoen Natie is developing a flu vaccination campaign. “We work outdoors, so this prevention factor is super important.” The manager explained.

He stated that the main purpose of health surveillance is to better understand the impact that work has on workers’ health.

To make it possible to improve working conditions. “We seek to enable adverse effects on physical and mental well-being to be identified as soon as possible, in such a way that their progression towards further damage to health can be avoided,” Acosta said.

The medical services of the Spanish Association vaccinated at the main port terminal and at the TCP offices located in the Old City.

Successful vaccination day for port workers

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