Subject was about to beat a couple and their baby to death

Subject was about to beat a couple and their baby to death

He entered the house through the window, he was furious because his partner, a minor under 17, denounced him for violence . Without listening to the pleas, the bricklayer, Jhon Román Mendoza (20), also hit his newborn daughter.

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Feeling that she was suffocating, Maricielo PP (17), squeezed her assailant’s testicles, getting him to release her and asked for help. Her relatives broke the door to help her and the assailant escaped by jumping from the second floor. After the attempted femicide, police officers from Divincri Huancayo captured Jhon.

It was on March 15, when Victoria RP (69), with her granddaughter Maricielo, went to the El Tambo police station to report Jhon Brayan Román for violence.

Upon learning of the fact, the aggressive subject at 11:10 on Friday night, climbing the wall, entered the house on Av. Adjudication – Cullpa Alta annex to take revenge.

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The teenager he saved from dying has bruises and scratches on her neck; The two-month-old little girl has a bruised face from the blow that her evil father dealt her. “My daughter was out of breath and hearing her baby cry, she squeezed her testicles to make her release her. She screamed and my son broke the door to get in. Fortunately, the police have captured him,” said Maribel Pereda, Maricielo’s mother.

According to the complaint, the mason seduced the minor when she was 16 years old and brought her from Lima to Huancayo. General PNP Martín Villalón reported that Jhon was arrested at 08:20 in the morning on Saturday for attempted femicide.

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