Subject attacked a lady with a tube and stones, who came to collect money in Rivas

Subject attacked a lady with a tube and stones, who came to collect money in Rivas

This Thursday, May 4, the Rivas Police declared the case of Maria Isabel Hernandez Vivas, who was found lifeless in a grave in the patio of the murderer’s house. The man who killed the woman was identified as Jairo Noel Guzman Fargas37 years old.

According to the official version, the subject deprived the victim of life with multiple blows, which he gave her with a metal tube and stones, after the unfortunate woman arrived at Guzmán Fargas’ house to collect the amount of ten thousand córdobas, which he owed her, as a result of the sale of some pigs. Guzmán Fargas is known in the area for devoting himself to the butchering and sale of pork.

Apparently when the victim arrived to collect, Guzmán Fargas had a heated discussion with her and “attacked her with blunt objects (a metal tube and stone) causing her death,” the police press release details.

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The victim’s body was examined by the forensic doctor of the Rivas department, who determined that the woman’s cause of death was head trauma due to blunt polytrauma. María Isabel, she had been missing for six days.

Photograph of Mrs. María Isabel Hernández Vivas, 64 years old, who died after going out to collect money.

He was going to Costa Rica

Rosa Félix Hernández Vivas, sister of the unfortunate woman, was the one who filed the formal complaint with the police station, because María Isabel had left on April 27 and had not returned home as she normally did.

At the time of his capture, Jairo Noel Guzmán Fargas was preparing to leave the country, but he was captured in blind spots on the border with Costa Rica, where he apparently intended to flee. At the time of his capture, the man was carrying the victim’s cell phone.

According to the police press release, the luminol technique applied to the suspect at the scene tested positive, revealing the presence of traces of blood that corresponded to the victim María Isabel.

A metal tube, stones and two shovels were the objects used to commit this crime that left a family in the municipality of Cárdenas mourning and suffering.

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