El Rojo de Palomar puts pressure on!

Fernando de la Mora beat Sportivo San Lorenzo 1-2 and, for now, joins the group of leaders in the Intermediate Division. Deportivo Santaní faces Sol de América tomorrow.

The sixth date He continued this morning with two attractive hauls.

Fernando de la Mora was a bad visitor and beat Sportivo San Lorenzo at the Gunther Vogel with goals from Anibal Gómez (2′) and Humberto Fleitas (50′). Orlando Gallardo (36′) made the transitional draw.

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With this result, the Rojo de Palomar adds 13 units and, waiting for what happens tomorrow between Santaní and Sol de América, co-leads the contest.

While in Camp 9, Pastoreo and 3 de Febrero shared one point each after failing to go from 0-0.

The grid closes tomorrow with two games.


-Friday May 5

*Atlético Colegiales 0-3 General Martín Ledesma

*Deportivo Recoleta 3-7 Sportivo 2 de Mayo PJC

-Saturday May 6

*Atyrá FC 2-4 Independiente CG

*Sportivo Carapeguá 3-0 October 12 (I)

-Sunday May 7

*Sportivo San Lorenzo 1-2 Fernando de la Mora

*Pastoreo FC 0-0 Atlético February 3

-Monday May 8

*Rubio Wildebeest vs. 24th September

Stadium: The Grove.

Time: 2:45 p.m. (TV).

Referee: Alvaro Gimenez.

Assistants: César Caballero and Marcelo Silva.

Fourth official: Edgar Barrios.

*Deportivo Santaní vs. sun of america

Stadium: Juan José Vázquez (San Estanislao).

Time: 19:15 (TV).

Referee: Derlis Benitez.

Assistants: Christian Giménez and Martín Estigarribia.

Fourth referee: Julio Ojeda.


Fernando de la Mora 13, Deportivo Santaní 13, Sportivo 2 de Mayo PJC 13, Sol de América 10, Deportivo Recoleta 9, Sportivo San Lorenzo 8, Independiente CG 8, September 24 8, Sportivo Carapeguá 8, Pastoreo 8, General Martín Ledesma 7, February 3 CDE 7, Rubio Ñu 6, Atlético Colegiales 4, October 12 (I) 2, Atyrá 2.

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