Studies in Canada: these are the educational offers offered to young Peruvians

Studies in Canada: these are the educational offers offered to young Peruvians

it is an opportunity for the future of thousands of young Peruvians and professionals who, given the current instability in our country, are thinking of migrating abroad to work or continue studying. That is why it is important to know the different offers and scholarships that are offered.

In this regard, Helbert Márquez, manager of SCCanada and representative of two Canadian Universities, stated that the goal is for more Peruvians to go to Canada for the ease of study and job placement.

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Scholarship Requirements

He indicated that the target audience for whom this possibility of studies is offered are two: young people who have finished high school and single professionals or with a family, who want to do a postgraduate degree.

Precisely, this Thursday there will be a free Webinar with Niagara College – Toronto (8:00 pm) and on March 29 there will be a Student Panel with Canada West University.

One of the essential requirements is the command of the English language in order to qualify. After that, both institutions will evaluate the profile of the interested parties.


In addition to the scholarship opportunity, the student will be able to work at the same time, since the visa allows it. “Both universities offer partial scholarships, Niagara College per year gives you 3,000 Canadian dollars. Canada West University has the Scholarship of the Americas and whose discount is higher. Educational institutions offer psychological support to students and provide job opportunities”, he narrowed down.

Helbert Márquez referred to why the most comfortable option to study abroad is Canada and relatively the closest. “After studying and having paid work, you can access the resident visa”, he added.

At the end of the Webinar, the students who wish can request information and he and his team will be ready to clear the queries.

Finally, Márquez pointed out that the acceptance of the university usually takes between 20 to 30 days, then apply for the student visa, three months and that after the studies, you access the benefit of an open work permit for the same time of the studies carried out so that you put into practice the knowledge acquired and have the Canadian experience.

Canada is the best country to live in because it gives you many benefits. It allows you to study and work, you can travel with your family group, as the school for both primary and secondary school is free, it covers the health issue, unlike the United States, which is more complicated. Then, you can achieve the resident visa”, he pointed out.


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