Students are called to volunteer in the organization of the World Press Day 2022 conference

Students are called to volunteer in the organization of the World Press Day 2022 conference

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) and the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), summon students over 18 years of age from the institutions that make up the National System of Tourism Training (SNFT), to carry out unpaid volunteering in support tasks of the organization of the Annual Conference for World Press Day 2022, organized by the National Government of Uruguay and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

This practice can be done for a maximum of 24 hours per student and requires the use of semi-formal clothing (black pants, white shirt and black jacket or jacket).

In return, the Ministry will grant a labor certificate for the hours worked, urban transport expenses (does not include interdepartmental transport) and lunches according to the following destinations and tasks detailed below:

Punta del Este, May 2 to 4

The shifts to cover will be from 07:30 to 15:30. and from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


  • Support in assembly of the Secretariat.
  • Support in assembly of various materials (bags, brochures, lapels, others).
  • Disarmed Secretariat.



  • Control of doors and access to rooms.
  • Delivery of headphones (against delivery of Identity Card).
  • Control of seats available.
  • Assistance to speakers in the room (water, change of glasses, chairs).
  • Assistance in lighting, sound and heating.
  • Assistance to translators.


  • Secretariat: order participants who are to be accredited.
  • Assistant in the delivery of materials.
  • Specific assistance in the accreditation sector.
  • General support.


  • Facilitate the circulation in the Convention Center of accredited participants.
  • Assist in various unforeseen events (bathrooms, water, cleaning, notify the appropriate person)


  • Assistance in Hotels (referring to the Conference and Shuttle schedules).
  • Support in control of the buses by stipulated schedules of the Shuttles.
  • Assistance in hotels on May 4, for the identification of suitcases and their subsequent loading onto the buses.
  • Support at the Convention Center on May 4, in the reception of suitcases and their subsequent loading on the buses to Montevideo.

Montevideo, May 4 to 5

The shift to cover will be from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.


  • Support in transfer to hotels and the SODRE of the participants.
  • Support in SODRE (National Auditorium Dra. Adela Reta).
  • Support in return to Hotels after SODRE.
  • Support on May 5, in departures from Hotels to Colonia.

Cologne, May 5

The shift to cover is from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the tasks are as follows:

  • Bus assistance from Montevideo to Colonia.
  • Various supports in Colonia (to be defined).
  • Support on return to Montevideo.

Application requirements:

  • Be a student enrolled in one of the institutions that make up the National Tourism Training System (SNFT), preferably in the areas of tourism, hotels, events and the like.
  • Being over 18 years.
  • Ability to communicate in English language.

Application procedure:

Each educational institution must send the data of the students who aspire to participate in this call to: [email protected]

If the number of registrants exceeds the number of places available for this practice, a draw will be held among all the registrants, through a Committee made up of two members of the MINTUR and two members of the MEC.

The deadline for submitting applications is April 22, 2022. After this deadline, applications received will not be considered.

The selected students will receive training prior to the event, according to their destinations and assigned tasks.

For inquiries, contact tel. 1885 intern 381.

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