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Students and recently graduated professionals can apply for internships at the OAS

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The Organization of American States (OAS) reminded Latin American students that it has internships available to all countries in the region as a “unique opportunity to acquire work experience in different areas of specialty, in an international and multicultural environment” and Nicaraguans can apply.

Through its official website, the General Secretariat invites undergraduate students (undergraduates), postgraduates or young graduates, to its internships (GS/OAS) of the Fall Session in Washington, DC, USA, and the III Session in national offices of the member countries.

The regional organization highlights that it is not a requirement that the applicant’s country of origin be a member of the OAS. That is, Nicaraguans can apply even if Nicaragua has been removed from the organization by the Ortega-Murillo dictatorship.

Applications must be sent through the official website in the section «internships at the OAS» arranged for this purpose, starting this May 20 and until June 7, 2024, for the sessions from September 5 to November 29, 2024.

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“Students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as young professionals, regardless of their nationality, can apply (it is not a requirement to be a national of an OAS Member State),” indicates the call.

It also specifies that, in the case of undergraduate students, they must have completed at least their second year of studies at the time of applying. Additionally, to be eligible, applicants must meet all the requirements listed in the “Requirements” section of the aforementioned website.

Internships at the OAS (GS/OAS) promote equity, diversity and inclusion, in addition to providing work experience, “they improve your possibilities of establishing networks of contacts. You will have the opportunity to learn about Organization of American States (OAS)its mission, pillars, structure and projects in the hemisphere,” says the organization.

Highlights that the OAS is the main political forum in the region that promotes and supports democracy, human rights, security and comprehensive development in the Americas, and seeks to prevent conflicts and provide political stability, social inclusion and prosperity in the region, through dialogue and collective actions.

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The GS/OAS is committed to providing equality in employment opportunities, “achieving a diverse workforce, taking into account broad geographic representation, as well as gender equity and equality in the selection of applicants.”

The regional diplomatic organization announces to applicants that its internship programs “do not offer any type of payment or remuneration. Interns are responsible for all expenses associated with their travel, maintenance and medical insurance.

Likewise, it stands out that they do not have any age restrictions, however, it is focused on students and young professionals. The average age of those participating is 24 years old and the work assigned is intended to provide entry-level professional experience.

Applicants who apply will be informed about the status of their application, as well as its result, whether positive or negative.

Internships are full-time (40 hours per week) from 9am to 5:30pm EST (Washington, DC). Furthermore, in the case of national or US headquarters, they can be worked in person or “remotely” for which those selected must have access to reliable internet.

Finally, the OAS informs those who are accepted that, “the information to which they will have access during the internship is confidential, belongs to the General Secretariat of the OAS and cannot be used for personal or professional benefit.”

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