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The candidate for president of the ANR, Horacio Cartes, gave a speech this Saturday in the department of Itapúa where he highlighted the duo of Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana for 2023.

At the beginning of his speech, Cartes acknowledged that there are problems, but said that despite the adversities, he trusts that God’s times are perfect, since everything is in his hands and that everything will work out for the best.

In that order, he later stated that Santiago Peña and Pedro Alliana, pre-candidates for president and vice president of the Republic for the Honor Colorado movement, are a luxury not only for Paraguay but also for any part of the world.

“They are going to be headed by two people capable of governing the country, because Santiago Peña knows the State from A to Z, I know it, he makes decisions and he is going to make decisions,” he said.

He continued his speech recalling when Peña began as Minister of Finance during his tenure, the daily cost of the country was about 23 million dollars.

“We had fuel when I took over. I remember as if it were today, we grabbed Petropar with 140 million dollars in red, we delivered 70 million in positive and 212 million in cash. In addition, we lowered the gas from G. 90,000 to G. 50,000, because it is possible, putting things in their place”, he detailed, pointing out that the vote is the confidence that the people give to the candidates.

On the other hand, his concern is that many families cannot make ends meet, in addition to health problems and treatment costs. He noted that there are currently more problems than in the past.

Finally, he pointed out that he has an enormous debt with Paraguay and with the Colorado Party, and that if God does not say otherwise, he will do his best so that all Paraguayans have the country they deserve.

“We have a blessed country, where all the investments in the interior and in Asunción are capital from abroad. There is a beautiful youth that supports Santiago and that is useless if they do not have job opportunities. I guarantee that Santiago Peña is going to bring a lot of work. We just put a little lipstick on Paraguay and everyone already wants to come, but I feel that only we do not realize what a wonderful country we have”, he pointed out.

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