Calles del sector Brisas del Este, intransitables con o sin lluvias

Streets in the Brisas del Este sector, impassable with or without rain

By: Anyary Ventura

Santo Domingo.-Residents in the Brisas del Este sector no longer know what is worse: rain or drought, due to the progressive deterioration of their streets.

The community members say that the streets have been impassable for more than 18 years, during which they have seen several mayors pass by who promise to repair the roads but in the end they only remain “words that are blown away by the wind.”

They asked Mayor Manuel Jiménez to come to their aid, since, according to what they say, work began in 2018 after winning a pavement tender throughout the neighborhood, which months later were left in oblivion.

“When they started construction, one thought that this was going to change, but as always, the neighborhoods only have their faces washed on the main road during campaign times and those of the neighboring area are left anonymous,” said Donaira Alcántara, who lives in the sector for more than 20 years.

While the student Wellington Medina added, with regret in his words, that “it is a shame that so many illusions we had to see these teams arrive in our community vanish due to lack of will or management of our authorities, who pass the ball one to the other so as not to contribute to the development of this poor and forgotten neighborhood, my dad had a cart and those muds ruined it”.

In addition, the locals complain that the mud, stagnant water, bad odors and the mosquitoes they generate deteriorate the health of children and the elderly who live in Brisas del Este.

They indicated that when it rains, the vehicles cannot travel through the deteriorated streets and many times the drivers have to be helped by the local residents to be able to get out of the “puddles” of water produced by the poor condition of the roads.

“We ask the trustee Manuel Jiménez to fulfill his promises since we supported him at the time and we trust him, but he has forgotten us, please come to our aid and pave the streets, he can manage the aid through Public Works necessary for this community to restore its dignity. A community cannot have sources of development that impose the well-being of the people if the streets and sidewalks are not properly paved and in conditions so that the water, when it carries, can flow through the drains correctly without accumulating sediment on the road. said the community members.

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