Cipriani willing to privatize drug distribution

The President of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), Leonard Cipriani was willing to privatize the distribution of medicines. In the event that the problems presented by the responsible area are not corrected

The head of ASSE, maintained that “in the places where the medicine is not arriving, it is because there is some type of disability in the organization.” He emphasized that it must be corrected. He explained that “the medicine in ASSE cannot be missing because it is being bought. If it is not corrected in our media, it will have to be privatized for it to arrive”. The expressions of the head of ASSE, were poured into the program “Who is Who” whose broadcast is through TNU and Diamante FM.

“We are in a problem with delivery and it happens with specific places where we are working. If the delivery is not corrected, it will be privatized », he expressed. He also maintained that ASSE “buys medicines, that medicine sometimes takes a long time to arrive in places in the interior.” At the same time, he stated that he found that some medications take “delivery up to 15 days.”

“It is changing”

“The medicine has to be delivered to some ASSE places, because it has deposits in the middle,” which they are “auditing because they don’t arrive.” “Sometimes it is the laboratory that has to deliver because it is included in the price of the tender”, expressed Cipriani forcefully.

He remarked that “ASSE did not invest money in medicines, it bought medicines badly because it bought them for three years, when we all know that the price varies rapidly.” “That is changing. What we are working on is distribution and we have improved, there are fewer complaints and fewer shortages”.

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