Street altercation in Manantiales ends with a man in CTI

They collided at Bikini Beach in Manantiales and one of them ended up at CTI. The problem began when a now-injured man collided with the back of a car. Another driver got out of a truck and “physically assaulted him,” rendering him “unconscious.”

The episode occurred on January 6 and the police made contact with the incident around 9:00 p.m. According to the complainant, who was the man whose car was initially crashed, “When he woke up he saw the driver of the truck fallen on the shoulder and with bleeding on his face.”

The man who initially crashed the car is in intensive care with brain injuries. The prosecutor Sebastián Robles is investigating the case.

His son’s version: a first provocation and four men who beat him unconscious

Daniel Puig bears the same name as his father and for three days he has been interviewing possible witnesses in order to find out what happened.

Related to The Observer that everything happened in the afternoon. As the traffic came very slowly from La Barra to Manantiales as a result of the traffic jam, his father got distracted talking on the phone with his grandmother and collided with the car in front. The driver, he said, is about 66 years old.

At the beginning the conversation, according to his version, had taken place normally, but the driver of the crashed vehicle started to get nervous and accused Puig of being drunk. “Dad got hot, because he hardly drinks, only at social events, but he got angry and looks like he spit it out, I’m not so sure, and he hit three or four pineapples to which the guy fell to the ground, “he acknowledged.

The son assured that his father is 57 years old but is in very good physical condition and seems much younger. “It looked like a disrespectful asshole was hitting a veteran. The veteran got up and four guys appeared to beat my father. They were a couple of cars ahead in the traffic jam, in an old gray car. They beat him when he was standing and then on the floor, “he said.

There a woman intervened to defend him and the attackers returned to their car and left, according to Puig.

They will present the evidence to the prosecution

The Puig family is represented by Federico Graña, who this Monday will take the evidence they could collect to the prosecution, including some security cameras from nearby places. They will also request that the prosecution formally investigate them.

Puig was transferred to the CTI of the British Hospital on Friday night. According to the doctor, he is “disoriented.” On Saturday “he recognized me, I began to speak to him, he rambled for five minutes and then began to ask questions. After a while my aunt came in, but he had forgotten everything that I told him“said his son. This Sunday he found it better, but he has some small brain hemorrhages that, they hope, will be absorbed soon.

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