Streaming: What are the platforms that invest the most in productions?

Streaming: What are the platforms that invest the most in productions?

The competition to be the best streaming platform is still going on. And this is demonstrated by the latest productions that Amazon, Netflix and Disney have released in recent weeks, and with it the multimillion-dollar investment they make for each chapter.

At this point, the specialist Félix García, professor at the Faculty of Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media at the UPC, comments that although the battle is very hard, it is also quite ingenious to achieve more subscribers.

“Right now there is a competition to have the best content, the most impressive series, the most recognized actors, since this allows for more subscribers. Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney, among others, compete. These platforms invest to have the most exclusive content”, the teacher indicated.

What are the most used platforms?

According to the GECA ranking (consulting firm specialized in the international entertainment industry), Netflix has the first place in the market, followed by Prime Video, which has been growing constantly.

In third place is Disney+, who has arrived this year with projects like Obi-Wan Kenobi and stories like Loki or the recently released She-Hulk who connect with the great universe of Marvel movies. Next up is HBO+.

The key to the growth of streaming platforms lies in the investment they make in their own productions, thus managing to make a single expense, saving a large amount of money and avoiding the fact of paying for the rights of the films and managing to keep them for the time they want on their billboard.

What are the streaming platforms that invest the most?

The first step is taken by Amazon Prime Video, with an investment of US$ 58 million per chapter in the prequel series of The Lord of the Rings, The Rings of Power.

Netflix follows with Stranger Things ($30 million) and The Crown ($15 million). HBO is not far behind with House of the Dragon, a prequel to Game of Thrones, which amounts to US $ 20 million per chapter.

Investments with little reception

The other side of the great productions praised by critics are those that have not had a very good reception among subscribers. In the case of Disney +, Lightyear was not very well received and, although it is true, it did not do badly at the box office, the company hoped that it would do better on its platform.

On the Netflix side, we have Marco Polo, a series that meant US $ 200 million in losses and that buried its cancellation despite having renewed a certain season.

“It is interesting to know how the platforms have been investing to position themselves among users, who, each time, receive better content. This fight of the platforms to capture more subscriptions allows that year after year more and more interesting series and movies are proposed, not only in their narrative, but also in their aesthetics”, Felix Garcia said.

Netflix in Peru?

Netlix works with certain production and recording standards that allow them to ensure optimal audiovisual quality. Likewise, the most important network is looking for stories that can connect with its audience, such as what happened with Paolo Guerrero and his miniseries Contigo Capitán.

“However, in the case of Netflix, it only receives projects through associated production companies in our country. They make it clear that they do not receive projects sent directly”concluded the specialist.


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