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October 31, 2022
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Government says there will be no refugee camps

Gobierno dice no habrá campos de refugiados

Foreign Minister warns the country does not have the possibility of resolving Haitian chaos, so it will protect its border and claim Haiti’s elites

The Foreign Minister, Robert Alvarezadmitted last night that Haiti He is experiencing the most difficult situation in all of history, which leads his government to a condition of survival, but in Dominican territory there will be no refugee camps. He denied commitments to accept these in border provinces and attributed it to a study by the previous administration that lacks legal force.

“That is false of all falsehood,” he said on the “McKinney” program, by Color Vision, and expressed that the same as the president Louis Abinader They have warned that in the Dominican Republic they will not accept that.

He recalled that this was one of the reasons why the country did not sign the Declaration of Los Angeles, of the Summit of the Americas, because there was a commitment on migration and refuge that the United States proposed and “we did not want it to be misunderstood.” .

According to the text, the head of diplomacy revealed that the United States “questioned us” why they did not sign the declaration and “I explained” to the secretary (Antony) Blinken.


He affirmed that the assassination of President Jovenel Moise deteriorated a bilateral relationship that had clear objectives, including the construction of the border fence supported by the Haitian president to control smuggling.

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“Since the assassination, on July 7, 2021, the internal situation in Haiti begins to involute and the gangs have undergone a process of autonomy and the Haitian National Police has reached a point where it cannot control the situation,” Alvarez noted.

He recalled that in September Abinader spoke at the United Nations Organization (UN) to expose the seriousness of the Haitian situation, but the international community did not pay attention to that crisis, so the country began an offensive to attract attention.

He said that as a result, in July the UN extended the mission’s mandate in Haiti and imposed sanctions on people who finance gangs and created mechanisms to prevent arms and ammunition trafficking to those gangs.

He stated that Haiti has requested assistance from bilateral military forces, so the UN cannot send multilateral forces and so far no two countries have appeared willing to send troops.

“We continue to work on what the Secretary General of the United Nations (Antonio Guterres) has said that they need a rapid action force in Haiti and that is being worked on at the moment, but we do not have the key to it,” he said.

He considered that it is up to the United States to convince a country to contribute forces, but the Dominican Republic cannot force other nations to send troops to Haiti.

Regarding the solution to the problems in Haiti, he said that the Dominican Republic does not have the intention or the possibility of resolving the Haitian chaos, so the plans are to protect the border and demand that the Haitian elites “have to decide in a once and for all, that by following this course, being on the precipice, they are going to take a step forward”.

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He deplored that the international community is acting so slowly in the face of the situation and “we hope that they will quickly intervene in Haiti to help the Haitian Police to resolve the crisis that the gangs have generated at this time.”

Regarding the disproportionate hiring of illegal Haitian labor, he replied that it is a problem that has been going on for decades “and we have been in government for two years”, so there is no short-term solution.

Summit Americas Venue
Álvarez informed that the country will host the X Summit of the Americas, in 2025, and it will be the first time that a president of the United States visits the Dominican Republic. He said that the Foreign Ministry is dedicated to “eliminating all the bottles that were there”, and professionalizing and dignifying the foreign service through “assiduous, constant training of officials through the Diplomatic School”.

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