Stores, where Colombians buy food the most

Stores, where Colombians buy food the most

Colombians spent last year $287.7 billion to purchase foodwhich represented 36.06% of its income.

Of that total, $126.1 billion corresponded to the categories that include the companies that are in the Andy and that includes oils, meat and derivatives, cereals, dairy products and derivatives, cookies and crackers, bakery products, among others.

The data is presented by the Andi Food Industry Chamber in alliance with the firm Raddar, within the report on food purchasing and consumption habits in Colombian households during 2021.

The report also revealed that there are several factors that drive the purchase decision since the 36.0% of Colombians buy food out of necessity, 22.8% for taste, and 14.4% do it for whim and quality. The preferred means of payment by Colombians are cash, followed by due, and credit. There it is noted that the 45.2% of Colombians prefer to buy food in neighborhood stores.

For their part, 28.4% favored supermarkets, 12.2% favored hard discount stores, and 9.7% favored chain stores. “Interesting behavior occurred in online food purchases chosen by 0.4% of Colombians,” said Andi.

Within the food categories with higher demand during 2021 stand out the meats and derivatives as well as dairy products and derivatives, which totaled more than $85 billion in spending, which allows us to deduce that Colombians prefer products with high nutritional value and protein and calcium content.


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