Denuncias de fraudes de mercado de valores

Stock market fraud complaints

Superintendence of the Stock Market warns about people and companies that are not authorized

The Stock Market Superintendence (SIMV) revealed that in 2022 it received 10 complaints of fraudulent activities or companies in the sector, of which the entity has issued four warnings to the population.

The SIMV mayor, Enmanuel Cedeño-Brea, explained that so far this year 2023 they have several complaints underway that are being reviewed by the Financial Crime Department, but he cannot reveal their names or number so as not to hinder the processes.

He said that the SIMV is issuing circulars to warn people about these companies or people who claim to operate legally in the market, but are illegal or have unauthorized activities.

He expressed that this means a policy change in the entity to be now more proactive.

While the superintendent, Ernesto Bournigal Read, said that they emphasize financial training.

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