School campaign 2023: Four strategies to increase sales on these dates

School campaign 2023: Four strategies to increase sales on these dates

The start of classes for hundreds of children and adolescents in the school stage is just beginning. And with it, the list of it doesn’t take long to wait, even in some They send this document well in advance so that parents can get these materials in advance.

This list of supplies can be made up of between 20 to 30 items, so it is vital that entrepreneurs can provide and apply strategies that strengthen ties with their audience and that they can also generate a greater volume of sales by making the most of this situation. .

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The back-to-school season means a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, since the demand could grow significantly. In addition, you can see an increase in billing during these days of approximately 10% with respect to the sale of products in the study category..” indicates Rocío Winkelried, dean of the Faculty of Administration and Business at Le Cordon Bleu University.

Likewise, it also points out that the strategies for this campaign will not necessarily entail a large budget, but rather a prior mapping of the needs of the clientele.

This campaign can bring multiple benefits to entrepreneurs in the stationery, bazaars and businesses of the same line.

Under this same premise, and so that entrepreneurs can increase their sales and build customer loyalty, specialist Winkelried shares 4 strategies:

  • Implement new products: This is the opportunity to show and share the best items to the public since variety, quality, modernity, and durability will be essential pillars in your search. Likewise, the ideal is to offer a product that attracts the attention of buyers and that is different from that of the competition so that it can stand out.
  • Use online and offline customer service channels: This point is extremely important, since according to a study by Ipsos and Google, 39% of Peruvians are willing to buy online, while 61% will do so in person or hybrid. This means that a large part of consumers will prefer to buy the supplies from the school list through digital media since it is an effective method and that in many cases it is faster than going in person to stores that sell these products.
  • Offer discounts and attractive techniques to the public: A rather striking technique in these times is to offer discounts for purchases that are made and in this type of campaigns they work well. In this way, the consumer will be able to return soon to apply his discount in the same line of products or in complementary items. The idea is to be able to strengthen the bond that exists with the public and at the same time to stimulate sales.
  • Strengthen delivery: This tool was booming during the pandemic and it still remains that way since it provides transportation facilities and, above all, time. In the same study mentioned above, they comment that of the 39% who buy online, 41% expect to receive their product at their doorstep. While the other 59% want to pick them up at the store. For this reason, the development of the ”take out” must also be worked on and supervised. This is a technique that should also be considered in applying since it will be possible to facilitate the purchase and pick up of the consumer. While giving you a satisfying experience while saving time.

Finally, it is essential to mention that this campaign can bring multiple benefits to entrepreneurs in the stationery, bazaars and businesses of the same line, but it is necessary that they can take into account the suggestions previously raised and that they offer innovative products that the customer really needs. current consumer public.



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