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STJ minister returns Pros command to its founder

The vice president of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), Minister Jorge Mussi, decided yesterday (31) to return the command of the Pros to Eurípedes Jr., founder of the legend, while the dispute over the direction of the acronym is not resolved in court.STJ minister returns Pros command to its founder

For Mussi, the decisions of lower instances that removed Euripides from command of the legend were based on insufficient evidence. The decision can be appealed.

In March, the Federal District Court’s second instance removed Eurípedes from the presidency of the Pros and legitimized a party meeting that had elected Marcus Holanda, leader of an opposing wing and who accuses the founder of the acronym of millionaire deviations.

The dispute could cast doubt on the presidential candidacy of coach Pablo Marçal, who is linked to the wing led by Holanda. The name of the digital influencer was confirmed yesterday (31) at a convention held by the Pros.

The deadline for the definition of candidates is August 5, according to the electoral calendar. Until then, it is possible that the convening of a new party convention will promote changes in the candidacies.

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