STF Minister sends inquiry against Milton Ribeiro to Justice

STF Minister sends inquiry against Milton Ribeiro to Justice

Minister Cármen Lúcia, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), determined that the investigation opened against the former Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, be sent to the Federal Court. He is investigated for irregularities in the release of funds from the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE).STF Minister sends inquiry against Milton Ribeiro to JusticeSTF Minister sends inquiry against Milton Ribeiro to Justice

Rapporteur of the case in the Supreme Court, the minister responded to a request from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which requested the referral of the investigation to the first instance after Ribeiro resigned from his position in March, thus having lost his privileged forum.


Opened at the request of the PGR itself, the inquiry investigates facts revealed by the press about the influence of two evangelical pastors, without positions in the ministry, who would coordinate a kind of “parallel office”, from which they would operate the release of resources from the FNDE to allies. .

At the request of the PGR, Milton Ribeiro is investigated for the possible practice of the crimes of influence peddling, administrative law, malfeasance and passive corruption in the release of funds.

In the decision, taken yesterday (5), Cármen Lúcia highlighted that the restrictive application of the privileged forum is the pacific jurisprudence of the Supreme Court. The minister wrote that “it is unacceptable in any situation, in the light of the Constitution of the Republic, the incidence of the rule of special jurisdiction as a prerogative of the function for those who no longer hold the public function that determined it”.

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