Minister Izkia Siches calls on political sectors after the death of a carabinero: “We need to make decisive progress in reducing the firepower of criminals”

The Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, referred to the death of the young carabinier Breant Washington, who died in the early hours of this Thursday as part of a police operation in Chillán, where a subject fired a series of shots at the official, causing him death.

“The number of homicides that we have seen really alerts us and that is why this unfortunate fact has to be a reinforcement and a call to immediate action for all political sectors that, beyond the differences that may be legitimate and projects of law from one side or the other, we need to make decisive progress in reducing the firepower of criminals, in giving a clear message that this is absolutely intolerable,” he said.

“As a State, we need to build a joint alliance to reduce the firepower of criminals,” he added, emphasizing that work is being done against the sustained advance of crime and that all options are being “analyzed.”

The secretary of state maintained that she has gone to the various caucuses to propose an agenda on security, complementing that special care must be taken not to fall into “penal populism.”

“I have gone to Parliament to propose to the different benches that the security agenda is an open agenda. We want to build the best legislative tools that allow us to pursue. But in this we also have to be careful not to fall only into criminal populism, ”he said.

“Let’s look for the measures that the evidence has shown to be more effective,” he concluded.

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