STF asks deputies "Warning" when voting veto on virtual plenary

The president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Luiz Fux, received, this morning (29), the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), accompanied by 21 leaders of the Legislative House. During the meeting, Fux asked parliamentarians to “be careful” in the analysis of a presidential veto that involves the functioning of the virtual plenary of the Court.STF asks deputies "Warning" when voting veto on virtual plenarySTF asks deputies "Warning" when voting veto on virtual plenary

When asked if there was any specific request from Fux during the meeting, PT leader Reginaldo Lopes (MG) said that the president of the Supreme Court expressed concern about the veto vote, stating “that it would be a mistake to overturn the veto on the virtual plenary”.

In a note after the meeting, the STF confirmed that Fux asked “Parliament’s attention in the analysis of Presidential Veto 29/2022, which guaranteed the functioning of the Virtual Plenary”.

Last month, President Jair Bolsonaro sanctioned, with vetoes, a law passed in Congress that amended parts of the Lawyer’s Statute. Among the vetoed provisions, there was one that guaranteed the defender’s right to “support orally, during the trial sessions, the reasons for any appeal or process in person or telepresence in real time and concomitant with the trial”.

In recent demonstrations, the president of the Supreme Court has said that there could be a “collapse” in the dynamics of the court’s judgments if the measure goes into effect. This is because, in the virtual plenary, judgments do not take place in “real time”, but remotely. In the digital environment, the oral arguments of the defenders and the Public Ministry are recorded, and the video is attached to the process before the ministers vote.

The ministers of the Supreme attribute to the virtual plenary, in which multiple actions can be judged simultaneously, the reduction in the procedural archive of the STF, which last year reached the lowest level in 25 years.


Upon leaving the meeting, Lira avoided touching on specific topics, telling journalists that it was just a meeting about maintaining the balance between powers.

“The conversation was the most informal, we touched on some issues that the Chamber is concerned about and that are being processed in the Supreme Court, so that there would be a balance between the Powers, respect for limits, maintenance of the democratic rule of law, the preservation of democracy , respect for the results of the elections”, said the president of the Chamber.

During the meeting, however, Lira expressed concern about the judgment of two direct actions of unconstitutionality that deal with changes made last year in the Administrative Improbity Law.

The president of the Chamber defended that the Supreme Court clearly distinguish between cases in which there is malice on the part of the public manager from those in which there was only malpractice in the management of public money.

The actions on the subject were released last month by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, and according to the Supreme, should be ruled “soon” by Fux for judgment in plenary.

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