Civics from Tarija will lead a march in defense of the Tariquia Reserve

Civics from Tarija will lead a march in defense of the Tariquia Reserve

The civic movement of Tarija is preparing to hold a march this Thursday in defense of the National Reserve of Flora and Fauna of Tariquia (Rnfft), where YPFB Chaco plans to intervene in the Astillero oil area.

In the midst of the preparations for this protest measure, representatives of the National Defense Committee presented the appeal with another Popular Action before the First Constitutional Chamber of the Departmental Court of Justice (TDJ), after having declared the previous one inadmissible due to material incompetence to annul Laws 1014, 1015, 1049 and 1050, which support the oil exploration contracts in that protected area.

The Vice President of the Committee for the Interests of Tarija, Marco Guaygua, affirmed that a massive march is expected in rejection of the oil intervention in the Tariquia Reserve.

“We have called on all representative institutions and other sectors, as well as authorities. We want to see the commitment with Tarija and demonstrate unity not only to defend the protected area, but to demand that the government pay attention to other demands,” he said.

The civic march is called for 3:00 p.m. and its concentration point is the Eustaquio “Moto” Méndez roundabout from where the demonstrators will depart to the central square Luis de Fuentes.

The deputy of CC, Adrián Vega, said that they support the civic movement with the march that is one of the actions to stop the oil intervention in the Tariquia Reserve and they appealed today (Wednesday) to the resolution of the previous Popular Action within the term established by the regulations.

According to Vega, with this appeal it is sought that the members of the First Constitutional Chamber are in charge of safeguarding collective rights and as a Court of Guarantees, determine the precautionary measures to nullify four laws that are detrimental to the protected area.

The oil intervention in the Astillero area is carried out in the buffer zone as a result of a rezoning that was done and that would be outside of Tariquia.

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