Stations must display fuel prices to two decimal places

Stations will announce valid fuel price before ICMS reduction

From this Thursday (7), gas stations across the country are obliged to disclose, in a “correct, clear, precise, ostensible and legible” way, the prices of fuels that were charged, in each company, on the day June 22, 2022, “so that consumers can compare them with the prices charged at the time of purchase”.Stations will announce valid fuel price before ICMS reduction

The determination, effective until December 31, 2022, is contained in Decree No. 11,121, published in the Official Diary of the Union of today.

With the measure, the government intends to make it possible for consumers to compare the current price with what was charged before the law that does not allow federative units to charge the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) with a percentage above the rate of 17%. or 18%, depending on the location. The law was sanctioned on the 24th of June.

The decree published today also highlights that the owners of the service stations must also inform, separately, the approximate amount related to the Tax on Operations related to the Circulation of Goods and on Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services (ICMS); the amount related to the Contribution to the Social Integration and Public Servant Asset Formation Programs (PIS/Pasep); and the Contribution to the Financing of Social Security – Cofins; and, also, the amount related to the Contribution for Intervention in the Economic Domain levied on the import and sale of oil and its derivatives, natural gas and its derivatives, and fuel ethyl alcohol (Cide-fuels).

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