Stationers claim for a reduction in tariffs on card payments and threaten to stop accepting them

The Maldonado Fuel Vendors (Vecoma) claim the lowering the fees that must be paid when customers pay for their purchases with a credit or debit card and threaten stop accepting these means of payment.

Vecoma will meet this Monday at 4:00 p.m. with the vice president of Ancap, Diego Durand, as reported by the newspaper The country and confirmed The Observer, in a second meeting after the one they had last week with Durand and the Undersecretary of Industry, Energy and Mining, Walter Verri and in which they did not receive satisfactory responses.

Durand told The Observer that this is “a historical theme“which” comes from past administrations “and which one is working on”willing to find solutions“.

Nicolás Pascaretta, leader of Vecoma, said to The Observer that Ancap stopped using a certain parameter that it had with the Union of Nafta Vendors (Unvenu) and in which the tariffs of the cards were contemplated. It is “illogical” and “funny” that the trade has to pay the financing that is made through these.

“We are responsible for paying tariffs. At the time we were at 25% and today we are at 90% credit and debit. Then, in a price that is tariffed, in a profit of the stations that is tariffed and that is also adjusted on a quarterly basis, the tariff is variable and increases every time fuel increases“He criticized regarding the variability of the tariff.

And I add: “By increasing fuel by 27% in the 16 months of the new government obviously that tariff increased by 27%. There is the mother of the child”.

When asked about what they are aiming for with tomorrow’s meeting, the union leader said that they are looking for a 0.5% fee on debit cards and deduct VAT from electronic transactions.

For Pascaretta, those who have to pay the financing are the credit holders. “If you don’t have money, why do I have to finance it? You have to finance the one you have to pay to use a credit for not having cash. When you go to a bank and ask for a loan, the bank does not pay the interest, you pay it”, He expressed.

Another of Vecoma’s claims is linked to VAT on electronic transactions in gasoline sales that do not pay VAT. “If you do not pay taxes, you were going for that gasoline but you pay VAT for the electronic transaction, that VAT cannot be deducted then it is 22% of a lot of money”, He explained.

The manager expressed that it is necessary “see who puts the tail on the donkey”And was critical of the intermediation of financial institutions. “Banks are in an absolutely dominant and abusive position where without anyone pulling their ears they will continue to collect that implicit toll and become business partners today. We are talking about the incidence of the tariff being between 25% and 35% of the economic equation, today they are practically a business partner“, Held.

Pascaretta stated that in the meeting they had last week with authorities they rejected the first proposal they received – which proposed a tariff reduction through a Banco República (BROU) app similar to Mercado Pago – because it was “totally insufficient ”.

“If it were applicable to the debit card, to the plastic, it would be another story, but they gave us a 0.80 fee in an application that has not yet been released on the market. We have to attend to this problem from today to today, no, we cannot wait for people to switch to that application“, He said.

When asked what they are aiming at with tomorrow’s meeting, the union leader said that They are looking for a 0.5% fee on debit cards and deduct VAT on electronic transactions.

Pascaretta recalled that a month ago through the Unvenu the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) this situation but did not receive a response

What we proposed to the government was a tariff price, tariff profit, tariff tariff, not variable as it is today. We took a standard dispatch at the pump that is $ 500, we applied today’s tariff and it gave us a coefficient of $ 5.50 plus VAT, so we said well, we rate the tariffs but there was no response, “he added.

If a satisfactory answer is not obtained tomorrow, the stationers nucleated in Vecoma will stop accepting credit and debit card payments.

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