State Security postpones interrogation of reporter who covered protest in Caimanera

MIAMI, United States. — Yeris Curbelo Aguilera, reporter for the independent agency Palenque Vision who interviewed relatives of the five people detained in the demonstrations in Caimanera (Guantánamo), was not questioned this Monday, despite having received a summons of the State Security of that territory.

“They told me to withdraw, to leave, that they were not going to attend to me because Security was in a meeting, that they would call me later, and so far they have not bothered me,” the communicator told CubaNet.

In this sense, Curbelo Aguilera said he did not know the reasons why he was not interviewed.

“I don’t know. Perhaps because of the pressure they are under due to the reports in the international media. I don’t know. They haven’t bothered me anymore. Let’s hope they don’t do it in the following days,” the reporter said.

Last Sunday night, the head of State Security in Caimanera, Lieutenant Colonel Yosvany Laffita, appeared at Curbelo’s home to summon him for questioning. The officer told him that they were already aware of the interview he had conducted with the mothers of the detained protesters and of the reports he had been giving to the independent and foreign press.

Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina, director of Palenque Visionassured this newspaper that Yeris Curbelo is a well-known person in Caimanera and called not to lose sight of his situation.

“Yeris Curbelo is a person who has leadership here; he is very loved by the people; he has several political prisons; He has paid a very high price for rebelling against the dictatorship, ”explained Rodríguez Lobaina.

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