State of health of the injured prisoners in the Tuluá prison remains critical

The Secretary of Health of the Valley, María Cristina Lesmes, reported that the state of health of the inmates who were injured, after the fire that occurred in pavilion 8, of the Tuluá municipal prison, continues to be serious and extremely critical.

The official stressed that the injured, who are in several clinics in the municipality of Tuluá and Cali, They have burns of more than 50% on the body.

The head of the departmental health agency asserted that the injured who present pulmonary affections, due to the inhalation of smoke, They are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in poor health conditions.

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“The patients we have are in very poor condition, lForecasts are reserved for almost everyone, there are some that have a high percentage of burns. The other people who arrived with lung conditions and who are still in the ICU are also in very poor condition, “said the official.

The same way, indicated that it have treated 27 people who presented pulmonary affections due to smoke inhalation, of which three have already been discharged.

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The head of the portfolio of Salud del Valle confirmed that In the last few hours, another inmate died who was being held in a hospital in the capital of Valle.

“An inmate had already died with 100% of his body burned and in the last few hours a 26-year-old man died, with burns over 50% of his body that entered the most complicated phase as an effect of the burn”, assured the official.

Finally, the secretariat was emphatic in emphasizing that None of the inmates who were injured or killed had stab wounds or gunshot wounds.

“We have not received any injuries, we have received people with burns or respiratory conditions as a result of the smoke inhaled in the fire,” he said.

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