State must pay US$ 3.3 million to cable company for late license revocation of competitor

State must pay US$ 3.3 million to cable company for late license revocation of competitor

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Through his Twitter account, Gómez expressed that the government of Luis Lacalle Pou “was slow to comply with a ruling of the Contentious Administrative Court (TCA) and recently approved a resolution tailored to its allies in the big media.”

Therefore, “the State must pay at least 135,000,000 pesos for damages,” lamented the former national director of Telecommunications.

Gómez recalled that after two and a half years “without complying with a TCA sentence that annulled its concession, it was only on July 19, 2022 that the government revoked the license granted to Visión Canaria, a cable TV service in La Paz and Las Piedras linked to TCC-Channel 10”.

The government’s resolution “is not only late, but it allows the same owners to maintain the business and charge for their services, so as not to affect users, it is stated, for at least four more months, which precisely includes the World Cup of Qatar”.

illegal resolution

Meanwhile, open a very exceptional public call. “Businessmen in the sector estimate that since they retain their subscribers and already have the wiring done, the license will be for the same group, directly or through figureheads,” Gómez remarked.

He assured that the resolution is “illegal”, and gives them a “provisional” license directly, without prior call. “Something that is not contemplated in the current legislation.” Any type of pay TV license must be granted through public calls, as established in article 130 of the Media Law.

Gómez explained that the license is: “5% of VAL SA and 95% of TADILNOR SA, whose associates include Rafael Inchausti, current president of ANDEBU (radio and TV union), and Horacio Abadie, a friend of the president. It operates with the services of TCC, the cable linked to Canal 10”.

In addition, it indicated that “VAL did not wire on time, so the TCA understood that the administrative act is null, due to serious breach of the regulations.”

The litigation in TCA and Justice dates back to 2013, but with final rulings in October 2019 of “annulment”, and in April 2022.

“Only for the first two years of ‘unfair competition’, the State must pay the incredible sum of 3.4 million dollars to those affected. That, calculated as of April 2022. And more trials are coming for the other years, ”Gómez lamented through his Twitter account.

The former chief asked who are the complainants who will collect that money, and replied: “Tele Cable Consortium, the only existing cable TV service in La Paz and Las Piedras until the deployment of Canary Vision. Its owners are from the Romay family, but far away, and in litigation, with the Romays of Canal 4 and CX20 Radio MonteCarlo”.

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