Guido a perremeístas: “el poder es para servir, no engreírse”

Guido Gómez had requested that Vice Admiral Comprés be investigated

The political leader of Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM)Guido Gomez, remembered this monday than in 2020 solicitous to Chamber of Accounts and the Comptroller General of the Republic that investigate the heritage of the former president of the National Directorate for Drug Control (DNCD), vice admiral Felix Alburquerque Compresaccused of the death of communicator Manuel Duncan.

Interviewed on the program El Día, which is broadcast on Telesistema, channel 11, he considered that the DNCD “has always been a kind of license to act outside the law, including many military officials linked to the National Directorate for the Control of Drugs in past administrations have been prosecuted.

Guido Gómez emphasized that the former vice president of the DNCD is not a wealthy man, which is why he calls the wealth he exhibits suspicious. “Faced with this event, we legitimately requested that it be examined in terms of equity growth.”

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Gómez revealed that more than a year later, the institutions have still not responded to his request to investigate the assets of the officer accused of murdering communicator Manuel Duncan after an incident staged at a fast food stall on Rómulo Betancourt Avenue last week. .

“It gives me a taste that being slow in requesting an audit is equivalent to complicity,” he said.

The leader also denounced that there is a mental health crisis in the country that cannot be faced and that the only hospital in the country dedicated exclusively to mental health is the Professor Ramón Rey Ardid Mental Health Hospital Unit, located within the Francisco Hospital. Moscoso Puello, which only has 10 beds available.

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