State Defense Council requested to reject Senator Fabiola Campillai’s lawsuit

The State Defense Council (CDE) asked to reject the lawsuit filed by Senator Fabiola Campillai for non-pecuniary damage. This, after the police action that left her without sight, smell and taste in the context of the social outbreak.

It should be noted that the independent parliamentarian requested compensation of more than $2 billion and according to the lawsuit, it is indicated that both Campillai and her family have suffered non-pecuniary damage, and that the senator “is a survivor of a very serious attack by agents of the state against him.”

Despite this background, the State Defense Council (CDE) requested to reject the lawsuit, according to Radio Bio Bio.

In the document, the agency indicates that it is not appropriate to compensate Campillai’s relatives and that the amount requested is “disproportionate.”

“We challenge the amount claimed for non-pecuniary damage as it is considered disproportionate with respect to the facts on which it is based,” the document says.

On the other hand and through a statement, the CDE stressed that “by reason of its legal duty, the State Defense Council has answered the lawsuit filed without ignoring the possible negligence committed by the police services in this case. In said answer, The Council has only requested a prudent and equitable fixing of the compensation that the court could determine in its final sentence”.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos, explained that, although it is the State that must facilitate comprehensive reparation, this process is carried out in court.

in conversation with CNNChileindicated that the CDE “is an autonomous body of the State, which defends the State in this type of matter.”

In any case, he declared that “we hope that this process, like any other process involving a victim of human rights violations, be carried out in accordance with international standards and respecting the principle of comprehensive reparation.”

“We are not making a statement regarding legal proceedings that are underway, this is something that is at the headquarters of the courts of justice, and we expect a prompt resolution,” he concluded.

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