Starting the race 2023

Starting the race 2023

A few hours ago there were 365 days left and now we open the doors of another series of days for our life and that of our environment. The time of celebration, of giving and receiving greetings on the real and virtual platforms are also recorded in yesterday. one that should serve as a reference to avoid repeating mistakes and improve conditions for everyone. In this 2023 Paraguayans are obliged to seek a better destination for the country.

In any field that we have to exist; academic, family, work and any in which there are people who are and give reason to continue frequenting and improving those circles.

An important moment that I hope turned out well for everyone. Without complications or problems and that it be the reference of how to continue spending the days, weeks and months that we open once again for another trip that we will make towards 2024.

A year that will bring not only what we have cultivated in our past, but will also allow us to improve what we have been doing for some time. A moment that should not only serve as a reference for what we could improve so that our tomorrow is better, but also understand that everything we do has a positive influence on our tomorrow.

rescue empathy

What I rescue and share with you is the super value of moments of silence and auditory and visual peace to integrate and speak and exist with our family and loved ones. Recover closeness with the other. The people who will be and are always with us without looking for them. They are the people who should not be missing from our 2023 agenda, not only because of how fun it can be to be with them.

Rather, we must take that time as an investment in our lives. It’s like saving or paying for our land or building a home or location of our businesses to share the illusion of being empathetic. It is at the same time a medical insurance or whatever helps us to travel well in the years that we started and of life too. One that fortunately and blessing many of us enjoy the gift of continuing with it and health as well.

The best friends must always be very well cared for in order to have the pleasant experience of being happy and satisfied not only with what we eat but with what we do. And that this work not only serves to have short-term satisfaction but that they are projected into the future. That they are projects and attitudes that are or want to be emulated by our environment or other people that we do not know but follow us in the anonymity of social networks and the internet. Platform that is already resembling the water and light that we need to be able to illuminate our spaces or give use as useful tools for everyone.

Everything must be guarded with affection, respect and conscience as long as it will help us and serve to start and end the 365 days that we have opened this Sunday well. Let’s make 2023 the year of commitment, citizenship and humanity.

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