Started the last round of 2022 VAT refund: this is how you can collect it

Started the last round of 2022 VAT refund: this is how you can collect it

As of this Wednesday, December 21, the transfer of $80,000 is available for beneficiary households of cycle 12 of the VAT Refund program.

(Solidarity income and VAT refund: what to do if you do not receive money order?).

Participating households will receive a text message announcing the availability of the transfer at SuperGIROS payment points and its network of allies, which are throughout the territory. The beneficiary households will be paid the ordinary amount corresponding to the cycle, plus the accumulated payments for “non-collection” of the cycles 10 and 11 of 2022, for the households that apply.

(The draft decree for VAT refund to foreign tourists).

For this payment, 2 million households were programmed, complying with the established quota of the program. The National Government arranged more than 187,000 million pesos to guarantee the payment of this cycle to all the participants. The departments with the most scheduled payments are: Bolívar (171,068 beneficiaries), Córdoba (169,237), Antioquia (167,369), Nariño (130,635), Cauca (104,732) and Magdalena (100,742).

At the point of payment, the beneficiaries must count the money in front of the cashier, request the payment slip and verify that the value corresponds to the one received.


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