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Promulgated PEC that defines payment of the nursing floor

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Promulgated PEC that defines payment of the nursing floor

In session this Thursday (22) the National Congress promulgated the PEC (proposed amendment to the Constitution) of Nursing. The text guarantees resources from the financial surplus of public funds and the Social Fund, for the payment of the salary floor of the category. During the enactment session, the President of the National Congress, Senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), highlighted that the amendment to the Constitution is a recognition by deputies and senators of the work of nurses during the pandemic.

“Among these professionals, one category stood out [na pandemia]: nursing professionals. Exposed to daily and incessant contact with the transmission vectors of covid-19, professionals answered the call of their vocations and did not hesitate to carry out their duties under the most adverse conditions”, he said.

The value of the base salary for nurses will be R$ 4,750. In the case of nursing technicians, the remuneration is R$ 3,325. For nursing assistants and midwives, the floor will be R$ 2,375. The proposal was approved by Congress in August and became the target of a judicial imbroglio, because originally, it did not foresee the financial impact of the measure for states, municipalities and hospitals. The source to fund the measure was also not identified. Without this detail, provoked by the National Confederation of Health, Hospitals, Establishments and Services, a decision by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in September, outright suspended the effects of the national nursing floor law. Confirmed later by the plenary of the Court, by 7 votes to 4, the STF was criticized by parliamentarians who understood the measure as interference in the Legislative.

Also in this Thursday’s session (22) another amendment to the Constitution was enacted. The text prohibits, by law, the creation of new financial charges, without forecasting funding sources, to the Union, states and municipalities.

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