Spokesperson for Rejection warns that the eventual triumph of Approval will open the doors “to a communist dictatorship”

“I would say to the undecided that voting I Approve is opening the doors to a communist dictatorship,” declared the spokesman for the Citizen House for Rejection, Claudio Salinas, who called on citizens not to lose “the opportunity to build a good Constitution, not one that perpetuates the interests of an overwhelming left”.

Even when the Rejection speech appeals to the transversality of the vote, in order that “those of us who are for Rejection do not pay attention to whether you are from the left, center or right”, Salinas dedicated harsh words to the left in general, and very particularly to the Communist Party, the Broad Front and the Government itself, since the latter, in his opinion, assumed the leadership of the Approval campaign.

“We cannot continue falling into the traps of the PC, which at night sign an agreement where they recognize that the constitutional proposal is terrible and requires profound changes, and the next morning it points out that there are no guarantees to materialize those changes (…) This election is plays to mobilize all Chileans who love our country and who do not believe neither the PC nor La Moneda, the true command of the Approval”, Salinas said in an interview with El Mercurio.

The Rejection campaign spokesman also maintained that “Chileans no longer buy the left-wing lightbulbs”, an opportunity in which he criticized that “first the president of the PC said that the constitutional proposal did not require changes. Then he signed an agreement with the other official forces and, a few minutes later, he recognized that there are no guarantees to execute those changes to which they committed. They are unreliable and, what is worse, they are shamelessly irresponsible. I hope that Chileans are not fooled by the siren songs of the PC”.

Regarding the credibility that, in his opinion, this commitment signed by Democratic Socialism and I Approve Dignity has, Claudio Salinas was emphatic: “It is that we do not believe them. I insist. They are the ones who tell us daily that the ‘I approve to reform’ is a lie. The left and the FA want to install a communist dictatorship in Chile”.

“Rejection is hope, love and unity. But these are not just phrases for the gallery, but it has been demonstrated with facts that today this option opens a path of hope, as has been the processing of the 4/7 project that will allow us, when the Rejection wins, to promote improvements that today all Chileans need,” he said, adding: “We all agree that the current Constitution must be changed. But we have to do it well, thinking about the good of Chile and not the exclusive benefit of the left and the PC”.

Along these lines, he recalled that “we went to Congress to present a Plan C, a citizen plan that seeks to reach a political-social agreement that allows the process to be channeled after the plebiscite. It will be the citizens themselves that will have to define if they want to do it through the Parliament, democratically elected; a commission of experts or a new Convention”.

Regarding the appearance of politicians in the strip, such as Gaspar Rivas and Cristián Warnken, who is seen as a politician, the spokesman for the Citizen House for Rejection maintained that “each political party or movement must have the freedom to express what they deem appropriate. . On our side we have the deepest conviction that this campaign should be a citizen campaign, because it was the Convention that forgot about us”.

Faced with versions that point to a growth in approval, Salinas declared that “it is not what we see on the ground, but we know that this is not a race run, less when the approval command is installed in La Moneda. And here I want to be categorical, the Comptroller General himself repudiated the actions of Minister Jackson, who violated any principle of disregard, and this is not a fake news. We are probably witnessing the greatest electoral interventionism in our recent history in Chile”.

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