Specialists warn of an increase in patients with osteoporosis in Huancayo

Specialists warn of an increase in patients with osteoporosis in Huancayo

Given the increase in cases of elderly patients with osteoporosis, the “Daniel A. Carrión” Hospital, through its Rheumatology service, attended a total of 4,547 patients from January to September, of which 38% were diagnosed with osteoporosis, alerting the population that the main source of this disease is due to the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body.

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The head of the Rheumatology Service, Janeth Montoya Fernández, stressed that osteoporosis is the decrease in bone mineral density, that is, the decalcification of the bones, a disease that predisposes the risk of fractures mainly in the hip and spine. in the person who suffers from it. “Osteoporosis does not hurt, it is observed when the patient attends a check-up or due to a “fragility fracture” that is produced by a low impact, causing injury mainly to the humerus, the wrist, the vertebrae and the hip”, referred the specialist.

He added that osteoporosis is observed more in postmenopausal women, being necessary a check-up at 65 years and in men at 70 years, unless there are risk factors for the respective consultation and examinations.

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The hospital sees a large number of older adult patients undergoing treatment. For the specialist, osteoporosis “is cured” when the patient is given a treatment of calcium, vitamin D, and assertive whole therapy, whose purpose is to prevent fractures, especially of the hip, which requires timely diagnosis and treatment.

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