Specialist considers that the Government's labor measures have no technical basis and are of a political nature

Specialist considers that the Government’s labor measures have no technical basis and are of a political nature

The economist and labor lawyer, Rafael Torrez, cqualified the labor measures announced by President Luis Arce as “political and without technical foundation”. On May 1, the president ratified the salary increase and announced the regulation of vacations and special licenses.

“They are measures of a political nature because they have no technical basis. For example, andhe last salary increase is technically empty. We have not appreciated that the Government had justified 4% in this way,” the jurist lamented to EL DEBER.

The president reiterated the salary increase with 3% to the basic salary and 4% to the national minimum wage.

The specialist clarified that there must be precise studies to make decisions of this nature and not only be governed under pressure from employers or workers. He emphasized that any wage increase, from economic theory, generates unemployment.

The second measure is the granting of special licenses for workers who need to be absent due to the death of family members, due to marriage or birthdays with the enjoyment of 100% of the remuneration.

In this regard, Torrez assured that “the decrease in labor discipline” will affect the productivity of workers considering that in the country there are already several national and departmental holidays.

“The fact that workers have a lot of freedom to carry out particular activities has repercussions on the general productivity of the worker. This measure, from the point of view of the growth of the State, It is not a measure that should be considered as plausible, but as a measure that threatens the economic interest of the State.“, he stressed.

For his part, the lawyer Hernán Clavel pointed out that this type of license was already regulated in public office, but in ehe private sphere was of ambiguous compliance.

These measures are execution of what should always be“, he stressed.

The third measure is related to the ratification of the obligation and fulfillment of vacations by employers. Likewise, workers were given the possibility of dividing this benefit.

Carnation pointed out that the new measure helps the worker to demand payment of this right, which was not very clear in the regulations of the General Labor Law.

Meanwhile, torres suggested to the Government to apply and create unpaid vacations to allow care for family members with serious illnesses.

Two other measures were granted in attention to the petition of the Central Obrera Boliviana (COB).

On the one hand, it was decided to repeal ministerial resolution 137/90 of 1990, which limited the number of leaders in federations and unions.

In addition, the declaration in commission of the main leaders of the COB, Departmental and Regional Workers’ Center, in addition to the national and departmental confederations, was regulated.

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