Car bomb was activated against the Mayor of Argelia, Cauca

Car bomb was activated against the Mayor of Argelia, Cauca

An attack with a vehicle loaded with explosives, was executed against the headquarters of the Mayor of the municipality of Algeria in the south of the department of Cauca. The violent act was recorded between midnight on Sunday and early morning on Monday, when much of the population was sleeping.

A woman who was in the administrative center working as guard was injured and with the help of the community She was taken to the local hospital where she is being treated. and it was indicated that It is out of danger.

Similarly, the inhabitants of the houses near the Mayor’s Office were stunned, they reported damage to at least 20 houses.

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As to the headquarters of the Mayor’s Office indicates that the place was left with considerable damage at the main entrance and The total condition of the structure must be evaluated.

“…No more war in our territory”, wrote the mayor of Algeria, Jhonnatan Patiño through his twitter account.

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So far, no armed group has claimed responsibility for the act.but in the area there is a presence of the FARC dissidents referred to as “The New Marquetalia”, the “Carlos Patiño” and structures of the ELN guerrilla.

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