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Special Commission continues deployment in prisons

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Special Commission continues deployment in prisons

The Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution continues to attack prisons and checkpoints in the country, according to official reports.

Up to now it is said that the Commission has approached approximately 3,000 prisoners who asked about the status of their files, among other details. The information provided by inmates is corroborated by a multidisciplinary team made up of judges, prosecutors, public defenders, among others.

When obtaining a precision on the file of the prisoner of liberty, the operators of the judicial system hold hearings to grant the measures that they consider correspond to the person processed, explained a source. “The hearings are being held in the same establishments,” she said.

“From the state of Trujillo, the day of psychosocial evaluations for prisoners released continues, speeding up the cases with free and personalized attention,” wrote the Minister for the Penitentiary Service, Celsa Bautista, who has visited some prisons where the approach is carried out.

The Special Commission for the Judicial Revolution was created by President Nicolás Maduro in June 2022 following a suggestion from the Council of State. It is chaired by representatives Diosdado Cabello and Cilia Flores.

When informing the country of this decision, Maduro explained that the aim is to end overcrowding at checkpoints or preventive detention centers that at that time housed 33,000 inmates. But in addition, the Commission sought to speed up trials and promote measures for those who had already met the requirements.

For this, the Special Commission carried out a first approach between July and August of last year, as a result of which 14,000 precautionary measures were granted to the same number of prisoners.
Now the second attack is being undertaken in jails and checkpoints.

On the other hand, a team from the Ministry carried out an inspection in the Penitentiary Center
Agroproductivo Barcelona and the José Antonio Anzoátegui Judicial Confinement Center “in order to verify the proper functioning of the penitentiary regime.”

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