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Smart Office: Transforming the workplace

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Smart Office: Transforming the workplace

July 25, 2023, 4:05 AM

July 25, 2023, 4:05 AM

Technology impacts the way we conduct our lives every day. The work environment is no stranger to the advances that the revolution of the digital age brings with it. In a very special way, the work environment is affected by the irruption and diffusion of smartoffice or “Smart Offices”.

The smartoffice They have gained firm ground in the world of employment both in Bolivia and in the world in recent times, until they have become a reality that radically transforms the workplace, imposing itself by its own strength, due to the productivity and efficiency that they can represent. These are options that a leading employer cannot fail to consider.

Smart workspaces are technologically adapted and customized following the needs of the company, optimizing spaces, implementing applications that improve connectivity and encourage collaboration, as well as operating systems that promote well-being and productivity. The advantages are multiple for both employees and employers.

Fundamentally, smart offices are based on the following pillars:

Efficient space management: Thanks to technology, the smartoffice They can optimize the use of space, giving rise to economic savings that benefit the company.

Increased connectivity and collaboration: They facilitate collaboration between teams through tools and platforms that allow communication in real time, strengthening remote work or teleworking.

They improve well-being and productivity: The well-being of employees is essential for their performance, it translates into tangible benefits that increase productivity. In the more advanced cases, the smartoffice They even monitor the work environment, adjusting lighting and temperature to create a more comfortable and healthy environment. Including rest areas, spaces to exercise or green areas promote a more balanced and productive work environment.

From a legal perspective, the smartoffice They are not subject to special regulations. Traditional labor regulations on working hours and hours, safety, occupational hygiene, well-being, privacy and intimacy must be considered; however, as in all areas of law, reality always comes first.

With regard to working hours and working hours, the technological systems of the smartoffice They can become useful tools for data collection and analysis, to objectively guide decision making that affect the work environment. Let’s remember the recent regulations and debates on continuous and discontinuous hours, or the rules on winter time and their effects on our day to day.

Also, along with the advantages, the smartoffice they also pose challenges associated mainly with the fundamental right to privacy of employees. To the protection of his personal sphere and his most intimate circle. After all, obtaining, processing and storing general, sensitive and biometric personal data are typical and unavoidable activities within the framework of the employment relationship.

In relation to this point, the Bolivian Congress is currently discussing the first Data Protection Law, whose cardinal principle is the consent of the owner of the information or data, in addition to contemplating the creation of a regulatory authority and the mandatory implementation of a data protection officer in certain cases.

On the other hand, on the economic level, the transformation and path towards an intelligent workspace demands the investment of economic resources, which must be evaluated from the point of view of saving space, well-being, productivity and efficiency at work.

In short, Bolivia is no stranger to the trend of smartoffice, that is making its way firmly worldwide, allowing the happy encounter between flexibility in the way of working and the economy. Through this union, the light, still dim, of a new and renewed work environment, driven by the giant steps of technology, can be appreciated.

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